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Some currently hot issues facing working families:

  • Falling Wages and Living Standards

    Corporate profits go up while our paychecks go down... (2006-08-08) more >>

  • The George W. Bush Anti-Labor Board

    Itís time to return the NLRB to its original mission on behalf of workers... (2006-07-14) more >>

  • The Health Care Crisis

    This is one crisis that just keeps getting worse, and more expensive by the minute... (2006-06-19) more >>

  • The Anti-Worker Tax Rip-Off

    The Republican Congressional Majority does what big business tells it to do - again... (2006-05-15) more >>

  • The Gas Price Rip-Off

    Donít forget - George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney both come from of the oil industry... (2006-04-25) more >>

  • Attacks on Immigrant Working People

    Native born and immigrant workers are under attack by politicians like never before... (2006-03-05) more >>

  • Pensions and Retirement Plans Under Attack

    Private and public sector pensions are under attack by politicians like never before.... (2006-02-18) more >>