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UE's Approach to Political Action:

"The UE engages in Independent Political Action as part of the union's aggressive struggle to win better conditions for our members and all workers. In fact, a history of political activism by UE's rank-and-file members has earned our union an enduring reputation as a respected, progressive voice in the American labor movement.

The victories we win at the bargaining table can be easily either taken away or reinforced by the action or inaction of our government (local, state and national). Consider how labor laws, tax laws or our nation's health care and social security systems affect our lives as workers. Even as we are engaging our employers in our workplaces, these same employers are attacking us on a second front, using their financial resources to buy thousands of lobbyists and make millions in political contributions. Their goals are laws and policies that boost their profits, usually at our expense. We have to fight on this second front, too, but we'll never match the corporations dollar-for-dollar in politics. Our best hope is mobilizing the people - that's something we have a lot more of and the real source of our strength.

Political Action is the organized effort of working people to make our voices heard by our elected public officials in order to win government policies and programs that benefit working-class Americans. Many of the same aggressive fight-back methods we use to represent our members with the boss are used in our political action work. Rallies, marches, and petition campaigns are good examples. Other tactics include meetings with officeholders, writing letters to Congress, holding news conferences, registering voters, and campaigning on behalf of UE backed candidates at election time."

~ from "What is UE's Approach to Political Action?"


The UE maintains an office in Washington, D.C. that serve as the "eyes and ears of the members" in the nation's capitol. Chris Townsend is the UE International Representative who works out of the Washington office. To find out more about what is going on, you can contact Chris at:

     Call:     703-299-5120
     Fax:      703-299-5121
     Write to: United Electrical, Radio and Machine 
               Workers of America,
               1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 500
               Alexandria, VA 22314
     E-mail:   [email protected]


The UE routinely does analysis on political issues and the impact that these would have on our Union and the membership as well as suggesting actions to address these concerns. You can find this information at:

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UE Capital Hill Shop Steward »
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Frequently political actions are taking place at the regional level. You will find reports and links to those actions here. For example, the most recent action in the Eastern Region was UE Local 150's Lobby Day in their fight to secure collective bargaining rights in the state of North Carolina. Visit the link below to find out more:

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Health Care for All»


In order to make informed decisions UE members benefit from hearing various perspectives and learning how decision-makers are trying to justify their decisions.

Everyday, political decisions are made on the local, state, national and international levels. These affect our lives at work and at home. If, as citizens and members of UE, we don't learn about who is making the decisions, what type of decisions they are making, why these decisions are being made and how we can stand up for ourselves in the political arena, then we will continue to simply react blindly - without the strength or knowledge to respond or advocate for ourselves effectively.

To find out more about political issues at the various levels click the links below.