about Eastern Region



The first council meeting of the Eastern Region was in April of 2006. Over seventy rank-n-file members and delegates representing thirty-one locals from six states came together to create the Eastern Region. The regional constitution was adopted along with electing the regional officers.

The formation of the Eastern Region, along with the North East and Western Regions, was a product of several years of planning to restructure the UE to expand membership participation, limit per capita increases and strengthen the principles of democratic unionism.

The first UE convention, in September 1936, set up the geographical organization of the union by districts. The District Councils, predecessor to the Regional Councils, consisting of elected delegates from each local in its geographical jurisdiction, were designed to help locals more effectively carry out the program of the union. The new regional set up is to continue this work. The Eastern Region is a combination of former Districts 1, 6 and 7 each of which has its own rich history of contributing to the fight for worker justice and with building the UE.

We look forward to carrying the principles of this Union and continuing the efforts and contributions that our predecessor District Councils have made to UE and the betterment of the living standards and working conditions of working men and women we represent. We believe that the Eastern Region will bring more resources, services, and excitement to our members as well as bring future members into our great organization.