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Where can Officers find information that will be helpful to them in fulfilling their responsibilities?

Information on all of the topics listed in the chart below can be found in your Local's copy of the UE Leadership Guide which is an excellent and invaluable tool containing over 500 pages of important information for building and running a strong local union.

In addition, some of the topics listed below are also addressed in your Local's Constitution:

Here is a quick guide to help Officers find the information they need:

Duties of the Officersyes Chapter 2
Role of Executive Board yes Chapter 2 pp. 3-5
Chapter 4 pp. 9-12
Planning & Goal SettingChapter 4 pp. 11-12
Running a Meeting yes Chapter 6
Record Keeping Chapter 6 pp. 22-27
Chapters 12, 15, 17
Taxes and Govt Reports Chapter 16
Sound Financial Practices Chapter 13 and 14
Communication with
Chapter 7
Preparing for Negotiations Chapter 22
Preparing for a Strike Chapter 23
Local Constitution Guidelinesyes Chapter 3
Creating a Strong
Steward System
Chapter 2, pp. 15-17
Chapter 8
Involving Membership Chapter 4, pp. 13-15
Chapter 6
Leadership DevelopmentChapter 20
Local Elections Chapter 11
Welcoming New MembersChapter 5

A detailed description of what can be found in the Leadership Guide is listed here:

You can find out how to order the Leadership Guide here:

And there is an On-line Supplement to the Leadership Guide here:

Elected Local Officers should always strive to:

  1. Maintain a high standard of honesty and integrity;
  2. Treat everyone with respect and dignity;
  3. Recognize and respond to the needs of the membership;
  4. Be available to members and other officers;
  5. Communicate and educate;
  6. Build union solidarity and pride;
  7. Maintain a positive attitude;
  8. Be a good listener;
  9. Strive for excellence from yourself and others;
See also: tbe 25 Goals that every Union Steward should strive to achieve