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and in a DEMOCRACTIC union power is shared:

"The goal of UE education is to help provide locals with the many varied tools needed to protect our rights and working conditions, and advance the struggle for a more equitable distribution of the wealth we've created. To bring the power of the membership to bear on struggles with the boss on many different fronts requires not only an energized membership, but also vision and foresight..."

~ from "Strengthening Rank-and-File Voices Through Education"

Increase Your Local's Power through Trainings and Educational Materials:

The National Union's Education Department has materials covering a wide range of topics availible for use by UE Locals. Arrangements can be made to obtain these materials or to set up a workshop through the staff person assigned to your Local, the District President or by calling the UE Educational Department directly. To see what UE has to offer, check out the following pages:

UE Education Department Training Materials
UE Resource Catalog for your Local/Members

Members can order materials (books, videos/audios, publications, pamphlets, kits, stickers, buttons, pins, tee-shirts, and posters) from the Resource Catalog. For information on how to order, visit the UE ORDERING INFORMATION page.

In addition, workshops and trainings can be tailored to meet the needs of your Local. So if you cannot find the workshop or training that you want at the above link, call us. Our goal is to provide you, the membership, with the tools you need to successfully engage in the struggle to protect your rights, improve working conditions, secure better contracts, and make greater gains for equality and interracial solidarity.

Here are some key areas in which knowledge is essential in building Locals that are strong enough to improve the benefits and working conditions of the members:

Health and Safety
Worker Friendly Laws
Management Schemes
Protecting Jobs from Outsourcing, Subcontracting, Privatization
Addressing various Harassment Issues
Alternatives to Layoffs
Job Evaluations
Other Issues